Maret from Germany, 2017-18

Aug 31 2018

My life abroad and how it became the best time of my life

“How was it?” – That was probably the question most people asked me when I came back to Germany.

I’m looking back at five month filled with adventures, new experience and tons of fun.

I stayed with my lovely host family in Arlington, Virginia. Arlington is located right across the Potomac River next to Washington D.C. That gave me the opportunity to visit the capital. Next to showing me around Arlington and area, my family went to a friend´s cabin with me to spend some fun time tubing on the river and visited New York with me. I’d been to New York before, but this time I could experience how life in the city looks like, instead of walking around and being a tourist. My host family showed me their traditions and I could experience the American way of life.

Of course there were a few challenging situations, but I tried to master them with self-confidence. These situations were probably the moments I´ve learned the most to be an independent person.

What I liked the most about high school was the school spirit. It was such an impressive experience to see the whole school dressed in one color to cheer for the Football team or to meet everybody in their dresses or suits at Homecoming.

In fall, I signed up for the Cross Country team and it was actually lots of fun to run and meet new people. During winter season, I was part of the Swim team. I’d never seen so much team spirit before and it felt like a huge family when we went to our team dinners after the meets.

Throughout my stay, I made many great friends and it felt like I would have known them before. By showing me their favorite places, hanging out and enjoying activities, like bonfires and Football games, we all made memories together.

I’m very grateful for all the unforgettable moments and people, who made me feel at home.

Now, as I got used to my German life again, I´m looking back at the most amazing and unforgettable five month of my life and if someone would hand me a flight ticket back to Arlington, I would definitely take it.

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