Host an Exchange Student

Why Host with NWSE?

host an exchange student

NorthWest Student Exchange (NWSE) offers quality student exchange programs since 1987.

We are committed to providing each student and host family with individual attention and support to help create an environment for a mutually rewarding exchange experience.

Hosting an exchange student with NWSE makes you part of the NWSE family. Our experienced local area coordinators and program coordinators from our Seattle office support you and your student throughout the exchange. You will always have someone to reach out to for assistance and guidance.

NWSE matches you to your student by conducting interviews and evaluating references, hobbies, personality traits, and essays to help ensure that you have a great experience. NWSE exchange students are eager to travel to the USA, meet you, and immerse themselves in our American way of life. Your exchange student will join you for your normal family activities, attend the local high school, and take part in extracurricular activities with their classmates. NWSE program coordinators have experience living or studying abroad, often on exchange programs. Our area coordinators have hosted many exchange students themselves. We firmly believe in the potential of our programs to build international friendship and understanding as well as provide unparalleled opportunity for intercultural learning and personal growth.

By the end of the school year, the hardest thing about hosting your exchange student is saying goodbye! Host families and students generally stay in close tough for years to come.

How it works:

  1. Register as a host family (without commitment)
  2. An NWSE representative contacts you to provide detailed information about hosting and answer any questions you may have
  3. Complete the NWSE application process, including the host family interview and background check
  4. NWSE introduces you to your exchange student
  5. Pick up your student at the airport to begin your exchange!

Founded in 1987, NWSE is a U.S. Department of State-designated high school student exchange program and has consistently maintained full listing with the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET).

Interested in hosting? Please register for more information.

“Probably the biggest reward of being an exchange student was being hosted by an amazing family. I couldn’t imagine life without them anymore and I feel like I will be at…

Julia from Germany

“[My host family and I] had directly a good connection to each other. I feel now I have another family in America… We had a great relationship with a lot…

Lisa from Germany

“What I like the best about America is the people…School is really different, very social and not so strict, I love it. How Americans celebrate the holidays has been very surprising…very different…I…

Vivien from Germany

“The greatest reward of my exchange was the relationship with my host families who would like to keep in touch and be a life time family.”

Juri from Japan
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