Dale Nicholson Exchange Student Scholarship

Mar 28 2023
It is with highest honor that NWSE announces the student to receive NWSE’s first Dale Nicholson Exchange Student Scholarship Award for the 2023-24 school year.

NWSE created the Dale Nicholson Exchange Student Scholarship in 2022 to spotlight and commemorate Dale’s devotion to cultural exchange, and the passion, care and commitment she had for foreign exchange students.

For 30 years, Dale placed and supervised 1000s of exchange students from all over the world with American host families. During and prior to her tenure at NWSE, she was also fortunate to travel to many countries to enjoy being welcomed by her previous and future exchange students and their families. She was never one to be shy about sharing with potential hosts the benefits and lifelong rewards of hosting foreign exchange students.

We created the Dale Nicholson Exchange Student Scholarship in appreciation of Dale’s enduring spirit and profound efforts over all the years, literally until the very end, to promote cultural exchange and international understanding between peoples of diverse nationality and background.

Dale “was the best mom and friend, and will be deeply missed but not forgotten.” This is why we honor Dale: not only for her past contributions to our NWSE team’s and her students’ lives, but more importantly in order that her spirit may continue to be present each year into the future.

Dale was uncompromising all about the true spirit of exchange and contributing to the best possible outcomes, finding perfect student-family matches, successes and enjoyment for her exchange students and host families.

Therefore, her spirit shall live on during the upcoming school year through the Czech student we have selected to participate as the first Dale Nicholson Exchange Student Scholarship recipient. We will publish the details of Kristyna’s exchange placement in the coming weeks, as soon as it is complete.

Please stay tuned via our NWSE Facebook, and Instagram pages for the most recent updates.

In the meantime, as we set up our Dale Nicholson Exchange Student Scholarship donation page, if you would like to donate (tax deductible) to the Scholarship Award fund, please contact us to provide you with options.




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