High-School-Jahr in den USA



Wir finden für (fast) alles eine Lösung.

Für SchülerInnen aus Baden-Württemberg und der Schweiz:

Sonni Böckenförde
Tel. +49 (0) 761 405595
Email: sboeckenfoerde@nwse.com

Für alle anderen SchülerInnen:

Katrin Popken
Tel: +49 (0) 30 40049610 und +49 (0) 172 7675006
Email: kpopken@nwse.com

“My NWSE Exchange has been perfect – the best decision I ever made.”

Emil from Germany

“Our biggest reward is that we built such an amazing friendship and feel like we gained another daughter. Our children learned about different cultures and how to be better communicators.…

Julie and Kelly from Utah, USA

“At first when I was thinking of the exchange, could I do it or not… I was afraid… but then I came here and it has been so, so good. I am…

Leonie from France

“What I love the most about my exchange in America is my host family. I will definitely come back to America to see them and all my friends. The food, school,…

Sol from Spain
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