NWSE March Newsletter – Activities for Everyone! – Part 1

Mar 24 2020

Dear NWSE Community,

We want to extend our deep appreciation and gratitude to you as all of us join together to navigate the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation.

First and foremost, we need to remember that this is a temporary situation. In that sense, let’s remain forward-thinking and positive while doing what we can to meet the challenges at hand in the meantime. So we suggest taking this opportunity to discover new ways to engage with other members of our exchange community.

As school closures and extended spring breaks are giving you significantly more time at home, we have teamed up to provide you with a list of fun activities!

Starting today, NWSE will provide ideas and suggestions for activities to help you make it through!


School Work and Online Classes
First: Check with your own school/counselor about online study options and/or requirements of your school. Other options:

iTunes Free Educational Courses (Only available for iphone. or ipad)

Learning Path – Free Online Courses

Swing Education – Specific School Closure Resources

Virtual Tour Of Museums

British Museum, London

Google’s Street View feature lets visitors tour the Guggenheim’s famous spiral staircase

Watch and Learn

Ted Talks for Students

Arts and Crafts

Learn the Japanese art or Origami

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Exercise

Insight Timer – Meditation App

Stop, Breathe & Think – Meditation App

Spring Cleaning

Ask your host family how you can help (rearranging things, dishes, yard work, dog walking, babysitting, etc)

Virtual Field Trips

San Diego Zoo
Did you know that tigers can see six times better than humans at night?

Great Wall of China

Various Virtual Field Trips

Books Books Books!

Top 100 Books for Teens

Virtual Concerts

Full List of All Live Streams by Celebrities during the Coronavirus

Juanes and Alejandro Sanz

Chris Martin


We hope this first list of suggestions is helpful! If you have additional suggestions for activities and websites, please share them with us via email at nwse@nwse.com and on the NWSE Facebook page so we can share them with the rest of the NWSE community!

The good news is: We are in this together and our collective energies and efforts will succeed!

Best wishes,
Your NWSE Team

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