NWSE Activity Guide and Contest Announcement

Mar 30 2020

We hope you are enjoying the suggested activities during this period of school closures! As promised, we are back!
NWSE will continue to suggest cool activities during this temporary coronavirus situation, to help you remain positive and engaged with each other, yourselves and your program.



School Closure Video Contest
Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Simply follow the instructions on our contest page to upload your videos.

Contest Deadline: Friday, April 17, 2020
1st Prize Winner: $50 Amazon.com gift card
2nd and 3rd Prize Winners: $25 Amazon.com gift card

Contest Categories:

“School Break”:
Put together a short video to tell/show us what you’re doing during your school break. What does your day look like? How are online classes going for you? Have you done any of the suggested activities? We want to hear about your experience in this unusual time.

“Time to have fun:”
Get creative and have fun with a TikTok-style video. Use the app and show us your talents: singing, dancing, magic tricks, or any other (hidden) talent. Let’s keep each other entertained and make the best of this current time.

Remember, you can upload as many of your videos as you’d like, directly here!


School Work and Online Classes

First: If you haven’t already, check with your own school and counselor now about online study options and/or requirements of your school. Online options:

Access to hundreds of Courses
(Free without upgrade for certificates)

1,500 free online courses from to top U.S. Universities


Virtual Field Trips

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Go on a deep-sea adventure through exhibit webcams and watch sea creatures in real time.

Tip: There is also a classroom resource webpage with more information, activities, and games

Virtual farm tours of farms in Ontario.


Teens in Action

Ted Talks from scientists, musicians, innovators, activists
all under the age of 20.


Arts and Crafts

Collection of Youtube Channels to Teach You How to Paint for Free

Get inspired with TikTok #Painting


Mindfulness, Meditation and Exercise

High-quality free yoga videos
All levels are welcome to learn and grow in the art of yoga!


Cooking and Baking

Delicious Desserts for you and your host family to make!
Take a picture of the final product and tag @NorthWestStudentExchange #ExchangeYourWorld


Virtual Tours of Museums

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
This famous American art museum features two online exhibits

Musée d’Orsay, Paris
Travel from home with this virtual tour.


Your turn!

Being at home isn’t all bad! Tell us what activity you have enjoyed so far that’s NOT listed above.
We want to know! It may just be featured on our next newsletter.

Tell us here!

Have fun filming for the NWSE Video and TikTok Contest!

We’ll get through this together! #ExchangeYourWorld #NorthWestStudentExchange

Best wishes,
Your NWSE Team

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Lane from Washington, USA

“I truly felt like a part of the family, whenever I had a problem they helped and we got really close. I could have tons of fun and talk to…

Marius from Germany

“It is amazing how fast the students adapt to your home life and become just like your own son or daughter. They have personalities that bring a lot of different…

Mark from Utah, USA

“The greatest reward of my exchange was the relationship with my host families who would like to keep in touch and be a life time family.”

Juri from Japan
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