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NWSE offers exchanges to two countries in Scandinavia: Norway and Denmark.* Explore one of these fascinating countries for a short-term, semester, or academic year program. Learn hygge in Denmark or koselig in Norway; see the Northern Lights; enjoy hiking, skiing, and camping; and explore the rich cultural heritage of this region by living with a host family and attending high school in one of the Nordic countries.

Please note that you must select your country of choice before applying, as visa requirements vary between countries and are country-specific.

NWSE places students throughout Norway and Denmark, from capital cities such as Copenhagen and Oslo to smaller towns. Participants must be between 15-18 years old by the start of their exchange program, be currently enrolled in high school, and have an average GPA of at least 3.0** (out of 4.0). There is no language requirement for these programs, but students are expected to make a concerted effort to learn the language of their exchange country.

* Please note that the countries offered are subject to change each year.

** NWSE may consider you for the program with a GPA below 3.0 if you can demonstrate strong qualifications in other areas. Please contact us with any questions about the application requirements.

What is included in my program costs?

  • Placement with a carefully selected host family who will provide accommodation and meals
  • Health Insurance
  • Supervision by a local coordinator
  • 24-hour Emergency support from NWSE and NWSE’s Scandinavia-based partner organization
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Enrollment at a high school in your host country
  • NWSE Certificate of Participation (with successful completion of the program)
  • Optional post-arrival orientation camp in a capital city of one of the four countries represented (location varies by year; you may participate regardless of your host country)

What is not included?

  • Round-trip airfare to your host family’s location, travel costs to attend orientation, passport fees, or other travel expenses
  • Visa application costs, which vary by country; travel to or postage for visa application (depending on the country, you may be required to have an in-person interview at a regional counsulate)
  • Personal spending money (approximately $200 per month for the duration of the program)
  • Lunch, if you do not pack a lunch from your host home
  • School supplies, class fees or books
  • Public transportation pass or transportation to and from school
  • Costs of the optional soft-landing (orientation) camp

Program Fees

Please contact NWSE for program fee information. Scholarships (“fee reductions”), based on merit and need, may be available.

Arrival and Program Length

The program dates below are approximate.

Arrival Month Length of Stay
January 3 months from the date of arrival
One semester – January to June
School year – January to October
August 3 months from the date of arrival
One semester – August to December
School year – August to June
November 3 months from the date of arrival
One semester – November to March